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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

This innovative, new technique camouflages hair loss in men and women by using scalp micropigmentation (S.M.P). In this procedure, technicians implant tiny dots of pigment into the client's scalp to resemble closely shaven follicles. Ultimately, the client receives a very natural and youthful appearance that restores the hairline and gives them a sense of confidence. This is a non-surgical process. Some clients think this is a hair transplant but to be clear it is not. No hair is moved. 

To Revitalize your confidence and getting your hairline back, getting rid of the crown, feeling and looking younger again.  the procedure does not consist of surgery, long term recovery and pain.

Who Can Use SMP?

Anyone who suffers from hair loss can benefit from SMP. A male or female who suffers from baldness (androgenetic alopecia, scarring, burns, birthmarks, etc). SMP works for all skin types and ages. A very natural result of SMP is to restore the hairline and thicken the appearance of the hair. In addition, it also gives the appearance of women's hair being thicker! If a client is fully bald or partially bald (that is, they only have a "horseshoe" of hair on the sides and back of the scalp), SMP can restore the look of hair follicles.

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Process of Before and After

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Located in Milton Ontario, this studio has a modern and relaxing atmosphere with updated equipment. Consultations will also be held within the studio with suitable guidelines according to the covid protocols. Music is as well optional during the treatment!

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